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Propease's AI-powered property management software effectively automates and scales property management tasks.

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All-in-one software. All the features You will Get From Us

Simplify your business and get all the features you need with one software, one login, and no add-ons.

Automate rent collection" streamlines rent payments, using technology to set up recurring payments, reminders, and tracking for efficient, error-free management.

Craft compelling property descriptions effortlessly with AI-powered automatic copywriting. Just upload images and details for engaging, unique content.

Employs artificial intelligence to automatically evaluate and score rental applications based on predefined criteria, aiding efficient tenant selection and decision-making

automates the process of listing rental properties on prominent platforms like and for broader exposure and simplified property marketing.

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Propease Propease

Accounting for non-accountants

Streamline your business operations by using a single software solution. Access all the necessary features with just one login and no need for additional add-ons.

  • Access up-to-the-minute reporting
  • Link to any bank and synchronize seamlessly with QuickBooks
  • Tailor your chart of accounts to your preferences.
Propease Propease

Handle maintenance requests & vendors

Ensure tenant and vendor satisfaction while preventing any oversights. Utilize a user-friendly online portal to manage everything smoothly.

  • Receive maintenance requests through an online platform
  • Allocate and monitor work orders
  • Effortlessly send checks or conduct wire transfers to vendors.
Propease Propease

Promote your listings effectively online

Secure tenants or owners more quickly, minimize vacancy periods, conduct tenant screening, and facilitate online lease agreement signings.

  • Advertise your properties on RealEstate
  • Domains and other platforms
  • Collect electronic rental applications and perform background checks
  • Create your own customized website.
Propease Propease

Enhance owner satisfaction through increased transparency.

Delight owners and investors with an owner portal, reports, distributions, and complete transparency.

  • Share documents securely
  • Enhance financial transparency
  • Facilitate user-friendly communication between you and owners.


You can monitor all tenant billing details right here.

From here, you can send group reminders, create new invoices, and track tenant information including names, properties, billing dates, billing types, amounts, and payment statuses.

  • You can monitor overdue billing
  • paid billing
  • and pending billing details.


You can monitor all tenant package information here.

  • The available packages for the
  • active target are listed in the
  • Object Browser under Attribute packages.

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A$ 9.95/monthly

  • Manage 2 Property
  • Add 1 Tenant
  • Add 1 Maintainer
  • 1 Invoice Ganareate
  • 1 Auto Invoice Ganareate
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A$ 99.95/monthly

  • Manage 5 Property
  • Add 100 Tenant
  • Add 10 Maintainer
  • 3000 Invoice Ganareate
  • 300 Auto Invoice Ganareate
  • Ticket Support
  • Notice Support
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A$ 169.95/monthly

  • Manage 15 Property
  • Add 200 Tenant
  • Add 50 Maintainer
  • 5000 Invoice Ganareate
  • 5000 Auto Invoice Ganareate
  • Ticket Support
  • Notice Support
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Seamlessly Connected to All Tools

Discover tenants or owners swiftly, minimize vacancy duration, screen tenants, and execute lease agreements digitally.

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A property appraisal involves evaluating a property's value, usually carried out by a certified appraiser. This assessment considers elements like the property's location, state, dimensions, and features to establish its market worth.
A property management app is a mobile tool aiding property owners and managers in efficient property management. It usually offers features like rent collection, maintenance requests, tenant screening, and lease management.
A property management app aids landlords in optimizing rental operations. It offers tools to handle rent payments, monitor maintenance requests, screen tenants, and enhance tenant communication.
A real estate investing app is a mobile application that helps investors research, analyze, and track real estate investment opportunities. The app typically includes features such as property listings, financial analysis tools, and portfolio management.
A real estate investing app enhances investors' efficiency in identifying and assessing investment opportunities. It also facilitates tracking investment portfolio performance.
A home search app is a mobile tool enabling users to find properties for sale or rent in a designated area. It usually offers features like property listings, search filters, and mapping tools.
Property management software automates tasks for property managers, including rent collection, maintenance requests, and tenant screening, streamlining the management of rental properties.
A real estate CRM (customer relationship management) software aids real estate professionals in handling client relationships, lead tracking, and marketing campaigns effectively.

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